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Yoga Sun Studio
what do students say about us?
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Our story

Yoga Ashtanga Method & hot Vinyasa to improve flexibility, permanent weight loss & better sleep.


Our studio is warmly welcoming everybody to try. if you want tor transform your life , if you want to be strong & you are willing to listen, you might be surprised by the results of the Power of Yoga. 
Fill yourself up with natural sunlight. Our classes are especially designed  to improve your flexibility, permanent weight loss, better sleep, in our warm & cosy Yoga Sunroom. 

All that we know is from our Hindu Gurus direcly from Jaipur & Jodhpur in India. We have a naturopatic approach. We will not make you do what you are not able to do. We specialize in the lymphatic system, permanent Weight loss, thyroid, joint pain, gas, stress & cardiovascular health or any chronique/congenital disorders,liver, colon disorder,diabetes, lymphoma, primary & secondary lymphedoema tarda. Some of our classes may improve balance & strength in people with dementia. We have a deep understanding about how the Lymphatic system work & his restoration in a natural way to find a Mental, Hormonal & Physical health. We will teach you how to feel good in your body & mind forever through different Buddhist, Hinduist and holistic techniques if you allow us to help you & to listen. if you wish to find the best version of your self, speaking the truth, come to join us, we will wake up your confidence & inner power. 
Come & Visit  our friendly open-minded community of Dublin 15 & never feel lonely.

In our beautiful & new Yoga Sun studio, the natural light & the Sun are always present. Our Sunroom will shine through you if you give yourself the permission to let it in. 

We have a range of Yoga Ashtanga & Hot Vinyasa classes to suit all levels, 6 days a week including Mornings, Evenings and  + Saturdays.No more pain, no more swelling, no more depression, no more anxiety, no massage needed because Yoga heals & takes care of it all. The 5000 years old Ancient Art & Science has revolutionized my life & my health and It can do the same for you if you make the firm decision to take care of your health. Yoga is going to heal more & more people on the entire planet in the coming years, you need to decide if you want to be the first or the last. 

As teachers we need to teach in a way that reigns in new students from over-enthusiastically doing too much practice too soon and thereby increasing the risk for repetitive motion injuries. We should consider how important it is to “fix” things in our students’ practices. Changing too much too soon can also be a problem, as students’ bodies need time to absorb and adapt to corrections. We also need to check our own over-enthusiasm for “taking students deeper” and monitoring  them via adjustments and assists.

New Tailored permanent Weight loss program 

 Come to join us to find out at what level of healthy you think you are & what you actually are. We can accurately assess your health & bring some clear results in accordance with our multiple tips based on our lifetime experience. Don’t be shy. 
fill yourself up with natural sunlight. Come & join us to improve your flexibility, permanent weight loss, better sleep, in our warm & cosy Yoga Sunroom
About the Teacher:

This course will be taught by a Didi, a certified teacher  500 hours Yoga & Anatomy RYS Alliance  Instructor

ISO 9002 from Jodpur in  India & Pilates Instructor from 200 hours from Josie Mckeylay UK  Canterbury certification. After graduating, Didi first worked as a yoga instructor in Rathoath Manor home teaching yoga to People suffering from Dementia Focus care, Alzheimer, post convalescense. She has a degree in Philiosophy &  Psychology from Paris and specializes in Lymphatic System Recovery. She  is a true innovator in personal development & develop a passion for Hot Vinyasa Yoga for weight loss. Her combination of yoga, psychology and neuroscience elevates personal growth as a lifestyle.   As a sought after speaker & coach, She  has been practicing Yoga for 13 years now and  has more 25  years experience in the Fitness Industry.

Her  classes are smooth and energetic, fun with a focus on Deep Lymphatic cleansing & Balance Correction, as well as Total Stress Relief. 
 We are all trying to adapt to every life that it is thrown at us. We are not living anymore the way our ancestors did, directly connected with the moon & the sun. Our computer screen is our main tool & the stress is sadly what we have been accustomed to caused by constant barge of technology meetings, meals on the go, Pollution & Traffic. We are sitting in our couch supported by our feet. We let our shoes support our feet. We can order food by a quick phone call & have it securely delivered to our door within the hour. We can find the full first world war story on google by clicking on 2 buttons. We don’t need to go shopping, as Ebay is taking care of it for us in 72 hours however we are not in prison, are we? We are creating this prison by the decisions we make. Who wants to be healthy? everybody wants to be but the term healthy means different things for different people. When we are referring to true health, how do we know if we have the health or not ? is it referring to how you look on paper ? Emotions are rejected in every single society out there and we are not trying to consider “how we feel” but “how you feel” is the first indicator on how healthy we are on a cellular level. You might feel pretty good most of the time but perhaps you might feel unable to move once or twice a year because you are asking your back to go beyond what it is able to do. Maybe you get headaches and keep aspirins at your desk in case it is needed. Are you suffering from constipation or digestive inexplicable troubles or do you have a tricked knee or foot or an habit to sprain your ankle?

A huge selection of different types of Yoga Ashtanga, Hot Vinyasa, Balkti, Latino Yoga, Pilates Mat pro available here in Dublin 15 to improve flexibility, permanent weight loss & better sleep

We have a range of Yoga Ashtaganga, Vinyasa, Hatha,  Hot Vinyasa, Yoga, Pilates classes to suit all levels, 6 days a week including Mornings, Evenings and  + Saturdays here in Dublin 15.

fill yourself up with natural sunlight. Come & join us to improve your flexibility, permanent weight loss, better sleep, in our warm & cosy Yoga Sunroom. 

The first class I went I found very good but I was very unfit and found some poses difficult .Didi is very helpful and puts me at ease.I felt amazing after the class and was very relaxed. The second class I found a lot easier the poses I found difficult weren't as hard as the first time.Didi is a great instructor is calm and relaxed and helpful.looking forward to next week's class.I have chronic pain conditions and find this excersise perfect for me. Namaste

Didi is a really great yoga teacher, I always feel good after one of her classes! She is very gentle and makes sure everyone is getting the best out of the session. I would definitely recommend it to others!

Fabulous classes, Didi is top yoga teacher, peaceful atmosphere. Thank you

I have been attending Didi 's yoga class for the past few weeks. During that time I have learned to do the postures properly as Didi's was excellent at guiding us through the movements. When it came to the relaxation her voice was so clear and calm to finish off a perfect class. I look forward to attending many more classes with Didi's...

Lovely class, teacher is very attentive. Class very relaxing, beautiful studio. Would recommend this class as it caters for all levels

Didi's class is the most relaxing hour of my week. I have only just started yoga but the class is so enjoyable I would do it every night if possible. The meditation eases you into it and then the relaxed pace makes it enjoyable no matter what level you are at. I would highly recommend this class if you are looking for exercise, to relax or improve on your yoga.

Didi is a very good coach, she helped us relax and unload negative energy. She is also very detail-oriented and very caring.

I have just started attending both yoga and yogalates with Didi. I am 44 years old, have had some health problems and have not exercised or stretched in a long time!! Didi really made me welcome and put me at ease. She gives very clear instructions, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the cost is very reasonable. I am so glad I found Yoga Fitter and Stronger and I feel less stressed after just three sessions. Didi  is very knowledgable and I would highly recommend her classes.

Good class, teacher is very nice and relaxing atmosphere. Recommended

This is a great class Didi is a great yoga teacher she works all levels and ends the class with a very relaxing meditation. I always float out feeling very relaxed and ready to take on the week ahead.

I have taken just 2 classes with Didi so far; Pilates & yoga with meditation just this morning but am excited for more. The classes are relaxing yet energetic and the meditation post-yoga is just lovely and warming. I floated home. Didi is friendly and helpful; accommodating for all levels. I am joining her Beginners Yoga class on 27th Feb to get a good yoga introduction from the starting point. Thoroughly recommend these classes for anybody interested in yoga/Pilates.  Thanks Didi :)

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